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Panic Disorder

Panic disorder may be more complex than the panic attacks instigated by specific phobias as the panic and anxiety levels can be triggered for no conscious or apparent reason. This often leads to avoidance of certain places where there may be crowds or even open areas can evoke panic. This can eventually lead to a further anxiety disorder such as agoraphobia (fear of being in a situation or place where one may have a panic attack). In this instance a psychodynamic approach in conjunction with CBT is extremely beneficial in exploring why the panic occurs. 

When there is no apparent reason for the panic attacks and they become random but frequent, psychodynamic therapy is an excellent tool to explore why the panic attacks are happening and what it is that is really bothering the person to instigate such psychological distress.  It may be associated with unresolved conflicts as far back as childhood or even an earlier traumatic experience which has been dormant in the subconscious mind or it may merely be due to a recent problem such as unhappiness at work or relationship problems which may be the root cause of the disorder.

Some people may even wake up with a panic attack. Research has suggested that this may be due to the changing physiological symptoms the body moves experiences when moving between various stages of tension and relaxation.  I have achieved an excellent success rate in treating and alleviating the symptoms of this disorder using a tailor made intervention to suit individual clients.