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Treatment Overview

A full assessment is initially carried out including medical history and details of any medication currently taken. A diagnosis will be offered along with an appropriate treatment intervention plan.

In the event of severe anxiety and panic attacks, the first aim will be to alleviate the symptoms before carrying out a deeper exploration of why the anxiety is occurring. The anxiety disorder may be happening for a number of reasons including negative schemas(a previous collection of negative thoughts, feelings and experiences) relating to past events or the subconscious alerting the conscious mind there is an emotional problem which has not been acknowledged.

There is a blend of psychological, scientific and spiritual factors relating to the treatment with regular monitoring and discussion of current progress. At the end of the treatment intervention, a relapse prevention plan is put in place. Engaging in a cognitive behavioural therapy is a life changing journey which not only helps someone cope with the unpleasant physiological symptoms of anxiety, but facilitates a more happy and meaningful life generating into work, relationships whilst creating personal satisfaction. CBT is certainly not a passive experience. It requires an input of goal setting and a proactive role on the part of the individual in putting into practice the mutually agreed changes of behaviour required to reach those goals.

Available Treatment Options

Phone Consultations
|£50| 50 Minutes|

Skype Consultations
|£50| 50 Minutes| Video, audio or both

Face to Face Consultations (Home Visits also available)
|£50*| 50 Minutes|*Additional costs for travel may be applicable

Public Place Consultations
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